My Focus

More jobs = a vibrant economy = more jobs

Technology and other changes to the way we work mean there are opportunities for different jobs in our existing industries as well as more jobs in newer industries. Not only do I want new jobs created, I will focus on helping people retrain so they have the skills and confidence to be successful in these industries.
It’s no secret that I’m a big supporter of small and micro businesses and will continue to encourage growth in this area. I also commit to working with big industry to develop consistent entry paths for those people wanting on the job learning. More jobs in Tasmania means we will retain and grow our vibrant economy, which of course creates more jobs.

Affordable Housing

The cost of housing is creating huge stress for many home buyers and renters, more so for people on low incomes, families and the elderly. People need certainty that they will have a safe, secure and affordable place to live.

I am committed to building homes that are affordable today and for the future for our families.

 Better Public Transport

Transport affects everyone so it needs to work for everyone. For many, public transport is an important part of getting around, whether for work, appointments or leisure. It’s also critical to encourage people who don’t use it regularly as good public transport can play a big part in reducing congestion on our roads.

My vision is for Tasmania to have decent, affordable transport that improves the way we live and protects our environment. I am dedicated to providing a sustainable transport system that is safe, reliable and easy to use.

Support for Mental Health

Looking after people in our community is very important to me, whether they’re old, young or somewhere in between. Mental health, in particular, affects a huge number of people, either directly or through someone they know and care for. I will ensure that people have access to timely support that helps them manage or recover from mental health issues. I am committed to making sure families get appropriate help and support too.

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