Your Needs


I can act as your voice to your council. We are blessed to live in a city that is under beautiful kunyani, Mt Wellington and bordered by the river Derwent.

Local Experience


I have extensive experience in State and Local Government.

Representing you … get things done….not stop getting things done.

Representing you


Standing up for my community is my motivator and my personal motto is top get things done. I want everyone to be proud that they live in, work or invest in Glenorchy.


I have lived in Glenorchy for over 14 years and was elected as Alderman to Glenorchy City Council in 2021.

During my tenure I have personally seen what needs to be fixed, and fixed urgently!

Using my extensive business ownership experience brings powerful value to the council and to you our valued ratepayer.

I would like to continue my work in ensuring council can refocus and live within its means.

10 years of deficits and higher rates is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!


Help Glenorchy get back on track...

I believe Glenorchy has so much potential to be a city that flourishes as a city. We all want a happy, healthy community in a compact city that has shops, small businesses, jobs, and opportunities for all. We need to work with the State Government and private enterprises to provide more housing stock and investment in our city.


Sense of community

We are a dynamic multicultural community, with places for children to safely play and beautiful parks to walk or ride your bike. As an Alderman on the council, I will work hard to ensure these spaces are well maintained, clean, safe, and accessible. I would like to see more markets and festivals and more free activities for our residents to enjoy.


Many of our parks and recreation areas need updating to modern standards. I will ensure council budgets reflect this need because they are important assets for our public and must be maintained for the good health of our residents. 

Supporting Business

Small business is the backbone of job creation, and this is very important to people who choose to live in Glenorchy. Small businesses need the support of locals to survive and thrive. I have a 30-year background in small business and I love watching the city become more vibrant with changes like the Moonah restaurant strip.

Footpaths and Roads

Many of us have plenty of examples of poor roads and such I want to ensure they are maintained and kept in great condition and will work to ensure this is a priority for council maintenance. My partner has a disability and I know how important it is to have footpaths that are accessible.

Resource Sharing

Tasmania has extensive Local Government success stories so why not lean on some these and share experiences and learnings with others? 29 councils = 29 opportunities to split costs.


We must stop hooning, petty theft and physical violence. Council has a responsibility to work collaboratively with our police and State Government on public law and order. We need more healthy spaces for younger people to be engaged in sport, art, music, games and where they can seek help if needed.

Public Pool

Our public pool needs work and upgrades. I want the opportunity to see this happen. Help me to champion and modernise/improve this much needed pubic facility.


Put simply - it needs to stop. Help me work on cleaning this eyesore from our streets and public buildings. I would like to divert this wasted energy into more progressive and community centred artworks.

Trees...More Please

Lets develop a plan to plant more trees. Trees add value to our city, they look good, improve the air we breathe, provide shelter and help to keep us all cool on hot days.

Better Waste Management

We must continually look at ways of improving our waste management so that our ratepayers don't pay more but rather use modern systems and processes to ensure a better way of waste control evolves.

Glenorchy Council Elections 2022



Let my experience work for you

Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience has many advantages....

As an experienced businesswoman with verifiable large corporate management experience, I know what this council needs to operate professionally and on budget.

The fact I have represented countless constituents in both local and State level politics is my main point of difference. Let this difference work for you and our community.

My proudest achievements include contributing to the community not-for-profit sector to help make our city become a safe and fairer place. These organisations work hard to make sure no one person, child or family is left behind in this ever changing world.

My agenda is often full but I am always open to making changes to better my community, our youth and our local community groups and businesses.

Your vote counts and my desire to keep making an impact will only continue with your support.

My skills and experience

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

2022 - current

Southern Transformation Stakeholder Liaison UTAS

2021 - Current

Alderman of the Glenorchy City Council

2016 - current

Board Member/Deputy Chair - OneCare Board


Speaker of the House of Assembly MHA - Member for the Electorate of Clark.

2014 - 2018

Lord Mayor of the City of Hobart


Alderman of the City of Hobart Council

2012 - 2016

Eyelines Pty Ltd – board member


Alderman of the City of Hobart Council

1991 - 2018

Managing Director of Slick Promotions Pty Ltd (27 years)

Professional Development

MBA – Master of Business and Administration


Australian Celebrations Training Pty Ltd

Marriage and Funeral Celebrant Course


MBA – Master of Business and Administration


The University of Tasmania

Understanding Dementia (online MOOC course)

Dementia Prevention (online MOOC course)


Parliamentary Leaders Program


Parliamentary Alumni Values Coaching

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD)

Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute (FAMI)

Rotary Paul Harris Fellow


Funeral Celebrant

Current Australian Criminal Intelligence Police Check

Current Tasmanian Drivers’ Licence

Current First Aid Certificate/CPR (St Johns Ambulance)

Director ID 036 80580 73134 83

Working with Vulnerable People Registration


Phone: 0476 645 709

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